the idea

The best and most organic way to attract attention to your Instagram account is to interact with other users. But what if you can't give this all your time?

That's why we have created Social Gear — a service that manages your Instagram activity and works even while you are sleeping. Our advanced targeting system uses a proprietary algorithm to identify and engage with drone customers and fans using category specific hashtags, locations and your competitions fanbase!

Once we've located the people that you want following you, we make them follow you by exposing your account to theirs. Our clients are gaining 350-900+ followers a week. Unlike a lot of other Instagram promotion companies, the followers we deliver are 100% real and active users who CHOOSE to follow you.

Social Gear Instagram Service

+ 3 Day Free Trial

Approx 350-900 new targeted followers weekly

$30$28 Weekly Subscription

This service works with the Instagram API and adheres to its terms and conditions. By logging in, you agree to Instagrams terms and conditions.


Your Instagram account security is very important to us! Your password is required to establish connection with Instagram. We do not store your password after this sign in process. Please, read our FAQ before signing in.

Please state which hashtags you want to target, cities you want followers from and/or which account's followers you'd like to get